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Exclusive interviews and comments of politicians, public and cultural figures, economists, political scientists, and the Ukrainian military.Local Events and exclusive reports from the scene of journalists channel 112 Ukraine.24 TV is the first 24/7 News TV channel from the Ukraine. It claims to present an objective and unbiased presentation of news, interesting and useful information for the viewer of the day.Soroka studied with Hersh Heifetz, Bohodar Kotorovych, Liudmyla Zvirko and Charles Castleman.

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(For further information, click 26th-31st July 2016 is the official date of the XXXI World Youth Day, which will take place in Krakow in 2 years.

His music is very approachable, evocative, expressive and melodic, and in some moments even sentimental.

The program will present the life work of the composer, starting with his early compositions such as , DMA, born in L’viv, Ukraine, is among the most accomplished Ukrainian musicians of her generation.

Soroka appears with concerts in Europe, Asia and the United States. For the past four years Soroka has been under contract with Toccata Classics in London, to make world premiere recordings. Soroka teaches violin, chamber music, music literature and advanced music theory at Goshen College.

She has made four recordings for Naxos, for which she received excellent reviews in major music magazines in the U. During the summer she conducts masterclasses in Italy and Ukraine.