Accomodating people with learning disabilities

27 Oct

When correcting a students’ spelling, punctuation, or misused words, don’t simply mark what is wrong, but help the student see the correct version.For repeated spelling errors and word substitutions, it may help to provide the correct spelling for the word above or to the side of the incorrect word, and to underline or circle the letters that are different, particularly if they are transposed.That’s because the GED test is no longer the only HSE test available.Depending on your state, you may be able to take the GED, Hi SET, or TASC test.College should be an exciting time for any incoming student, yet for those with learning disabilities it can create anxiety.

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Another 43% intended to complete a vocational training course.By Catherine Laird, CHRP Read Part One, Dis-engaged or Dis-ability: The Need to Accommodate Learning Disabilities in the Workplace.Now that we have established how to recognize a potential learning disability (LD) in the workplace, we can work on accommodations.This software is used by many professionals including doctors, allowing them to dictate directly into their computer and have the computer software perform the function of a transcriptionist in 38 languages.The software is trained to listen to your voice alone and yes—it even works for a Mac!